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ayahuasca Retreat Haven

ayahuasca an alternative for healing soul and body
Preparing Ayahuasca

ayahuasca retreat

At our haven, we offer the unique opportunity to work with the sacred plant ayahuasca in the safest, healing environment possible. Our ayahuasca retreat embodies a series of ayahuasca ceremonies that cover healing therapy, self-discovery, and rehabilitation. During the retreat, you will receive support to help you process your healing experience after every ceremony. Moreover, the work with ayahuasca requires the willingness to leave your comfort zone, yet it is highly rewarding for those who are on the path of healing and awakening, and are ready for the next step!

Our shamans have over 35 years of experience practicing ayahuasca shamanism, this has helped them to remarkably cultivate healing skills, from an unbroken tradition of plant-spirit healing in the Amazon. Many people receive amazing realizations during the ayahuasca retreats but are consequently experiencing difficulties integrating these insights into their daily lives. That is why integration is a very important factor for a successful outcome when working with ayahuasca. it is our obligation to continue supporting you after you return to your normal life, with meditation exercises,  guidance, advice, and a path to a healthy and balanced life.


We believe in the rights of Mother Earth


Retreat dates


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 The restrictions placed on travel and public gatherings due to the COVID19  forced us to postpone retreats that were planned for 40 and above guests. Our Peruvian shamans are available Instead, we are offering a few exclusive, intimate (10 people only! )

Our Staff

The haven has a highly skilled multi-professional team of facilitators, medicine men & women, musicians, yoga teacher, psychologists, integration coaches, and world-class medical team that includes a Medical Director, an MD, a Doctor for Oriental Medicine, a physician’s assistant, licensed paramedics, and licensed practical nurses.

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