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Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat (4 NIGHT AYAHUASCA CEREMONY)

(7 customer reviews)


  • A high ratio of healers to guests – 5 healers per retreat
  • Group size limited to 10 people
  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies over the 5 days
  • An skilled team of facilitators to guide you with processing and integrating your experiences
  • A cleansing steam bath on the first day of the retreat
  • Jain Póiti (banos de florecimento) – cleansing, purifying, and strengthening floral baths
  • Energetic healing massages (where necessary, as part of your healing process)
  • Vomitivos (stomach cleansing) to rid the stomach of some toxins
  • All food and drink – a deliciously simple diet suitable for working with medicinal plants
  • A jungle walk to see medicinal plants in their natural environment
  • Individual consultations with the healers and your facilitators
  • Plant remedies individually prescribed by the healers
  • Group processing and integration meetings
  • Completely private and individual accommodation in simple bungalows
  • Laundry service
  • Translation
  • All workshops facilitated in English
  • Porters to carry your luggage to and from the pickup location to the Haven
  • All transportation to and from the Haven.
  • Many more gift baskets
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Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat

The Rainforest also represents a mysterious, powerful sacred link between humans and nature. It supports millions of plant, animal, and insect species – a showcase of chemical invention. In these natural archives, drugs like quinine, immune-system boosters, muscle relaxants, steroids such as cortisone, blood thinners such as Coumadin, antibiotics, anti-parasitics, and cancer drugs are found. They are the source of some of the most widely used and lifesaving medications.

More importantly, there are new drugs still awaiting discovery: drugs for AIDS, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s. All the major pharmaceutical companies, as well as many scientific researchers, are currently conducting studies on exciting new drugs emerging from jungle plants and studying the indigenous plant knowledge and the specific plants used by native shamans and healers. Together with genomics, it is the most promising area of research for new cures today.

For the safety and well-being of all guests, it is required that you disclose, in confidence, any known medical conditions and/or use of any drugs or medication, at the time of booking. Buy Ayahuasca Tea online

Certain drugs, medications, and medical conditions have been found to not be compatible with ayahuasca.  In some cases, you can not attend our retreats before you have stopped taking certain substances and have given time for your system to remove them from your body. However: you should always consult your medical professional before abruptly discontinuing the usage of prescribed medications.

If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them.

We review the (medical) situation of each participant before we finalize your booking and confirm your attendance at one of our retreats. After receiving your information, we try to schedule your requested date and finalize your booking as soon as possible. We strive to respond within 48 hours. “Imaginative, architectural and delirious visualizations. More than an imitation of a drug trip, the world presented is a spiritual one. Chants fill the headphones. Snakes slither. And no amount of text we can draft can dig deep enough into the actual experience.”

Our Shaman prepared this pack, it comes with instructions on how to administer the tea to generate the required results. These instructions are to be followed to the letter. Please do well to follow instructions.


7 reviews for Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat (4 NIGHT AYAHUASCA CEREMONY)

  1. Jessica

    I would consider the service and healing that you receive here with the Ayahuasca haven to be very top notch amongst all the programs that are offered here in the world. You feel very much at home. All your needs are catered to and it’s very evident that the personal growth and the healing that receive here are a priority to Carlos, the proprietor, and all of the helpers who work with the Foundation here. It’s a beautiful location. The accommodation is superb and I highly recommend it.

  2. Paul

    I was so scared,being a first timer, Wow WOW WOW WOW

  3. Appai

    I’m leaving a completely different person, or it’s the person I was, I don’t know. I just feel so filled with love from being here. Never really understood that, and so it’s been an amazing experience and ayahuasca really helped make it all happen and bring us all here together. The accommodations were great… the mosquitoes were minimal… the accommodations were clean… it was perfect. The whole camp is like a big spaceship. It’s weird that we just spent three weeks in I don’t know how many square feet and it seems like the whole universe. The food was delicious, even with no salt, no oil, no sugar, no caffeine… I think somebody already said it, it’s heaven on earth.

  4. Ed

    The retreat was beyond my expectations. It far fulfilled anything I thought I would be. I loved the facilities. The facilities are really quite basic but for all intensive purposes totally adequate. It allows you to get your feet wet in the jungle while feeling a sense of comfort that I didn’t expect but I really enjoyed. The bugs are totally manageable. The ayahuasca ceremonies, it seems like one every other day isn’t that much but it turns out to be quite substantial. The ceremonies themselves were varied, and they were all quite powerful and they all gave results.

  5. Sam

    I’d say if you’re considering coming to Peru to drink ayahuasca and you’re doing your homework and you feel that this is an essential step in your path, then you already know that you are going to come here and you already feel that ayahuasca knows you’re coming. She’s already working on you and that’s going to make perfect sense when you finally join your first ceremony here. So, in terms of advice I’m gonna give friends and family who are ready to hear it… It’s so obvious: This is the retreat to come to.

  6. Yana

    The place is amazing. The stars during the night, I haven’t seen so many stars so clearly in a long time. There’s not city lights, so you can just be there, here in the sky. And the frongs and the fireflies and all the sounds of the night. It is beautiful here. It was healing for my soul and I loved being here. If you’re someone that’s considering should I participate in such retreat or not, you should ask yourself are you ready to do some hard work on yourself. It’s not easy but it has results. If you’re watching this testimonial, probably you want to do it, so why not? It’s a good thing to try. Ayahuasca haven is definitely a good place to start your journey. I would just say go for it.

  7. Bate

    It’s felt like I’ve lived a lifetime in three weeks. I’ve really been able to almost reprogram myself and undo a lot of negative habits and a lot of negative ways of thinking about myself and my life and my past. It’s really brought a lot of healing and closure in many aspects of many lingering issues. It’s great. It’s fantastic. It’s been really lovely. It’s very comfortable. The location is fantastic. Being able to interact with people and being on a reserve is lovely, being able to go hiking and experience the nature.

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