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“The atmosphere is out of this world comforting and safe and the staff are so loving it was more than inspiring. The safe container the Haven provides is just phenomenal and noteworthy, I have not come across such a loving healing space before. The vision of the Haven is just such a blessing to humanity, thank you for birthing this into reality.”

Laura Calderon

“If you want at least 20 years of psychotherapy, a complete reprogramming of your mind, your heart expanded like the Grinch after Christmas, all of your demons turned into allies, and then have all of this hooked up and integrated so that it just flows through you, then this is where you need to be. Core issues I’ve been trying to come to peace with for over 12 years through acupuncture, workshops, energy healing, meditation, yoga, massage, talk therapy, and more, were done and dealt with by the 2nd or 3rd ceremony. Just gone. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty, but it’s gone.”

Stephen Daniels

“A haze of pseudo-self has been cleared away so that I am more comfortable and relaxed in knowing and being my true self. I feel more grounded and confident that in the future, my potential will no longer feel blocked.”

Paul Ormesher

“In every ceremony an issue was addressed, starting from my childhood up to the present. Words cannot describe how healing was achieved with the help of the integrative practices so quickly.”

Elsie Ross

“Few words can express the gratitude felt, for the program, the staff, the Haven, and the process. It was challenging, uncomfortable, and so healing. The month made it possible to explore patters and beliefs while releasing them in such a gentle and supportive place. I couldn’t recommend this program enough. This is a place of deep spiritual process, it is truly a path to enlightenment here. I am filled with so much love and joy.”


Could not have asked for a better time. The accommodations were clean and comfortable. The facilitators were thoughtful, smart, wise, kind, and intentional. The whole process felt geared toward productive experiences with ayahuasca, and the folks at Haven have made this their life’s work. It shows. I highly recommend this place and will be back. Love.


It’s been a little over two months since I left the Haven, and I feel so much more at peace now. I can’t put into words how thankful I am that I got to experience mother Aya at such an amazing place with such amazingly beautiful people. Now that I know what it’s like to meet mother Aya, I think the facilitators and Shamans are the most important aspect to consider when choosing a retreat. The facilitators at the Haven are genuine, kind, and caring. The center also has two amazing Shamans with 40+ years of experience. During every ceremony, both Shamans sang personalized icaros songs to each guest. You won’t get this kind of personalized care at a larger retreat center. If you are looking for a safe experience in a beautiful location, with delicious food, nice facilities, and genuinely caring people.


Outstanding I have done ayahuasca before but never with actual shamans (people who have undergone plant dietas). The power of the shamanic icaros cannot be overstated. It was like he reached inside of me and pulled out years of pain with his song. It is hard to believe until you experience it. Also they made visiting painless.


Admittedly I was nervous about going for my first Ayahuasca experience because I didn’t know what to expect. But, the Haven gave me a truly beautiful experience that helped me heal and grow alongside some wonderful, likeminded spirits. If you are contemplating the Haven, I assure you there is no better choice! Everything about this place is exactly what you could want from an experience like this. It is safe, clean, beautiful, and tranquil. The staff is all incredibly kind and loving, Deciding to go on an Ayahuasca retreat is a big decision, but choosing the Haven should be the easiest part!


To say that my time at the Haven changed my life is an understatement. I can honestly say I didn’t know what love was until spent time there. The team at Haven are an amazing bunch of people full of love understanding and knowledge. I feel extremely lucky to have chosen this place as my ayahuasca retreat. 100% would go back in a heart beat!! 🙂


My experience with the Haven were the most amazing, healing and experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. If you’re reading this review, chances are that you’re contemplating doing an Ayahuasca Retreat yourself and I would like you to take the time and properly read about my experiences at the Haven, because I’m absolutely sure that you’ll want to join our big family afterwards! I felt so connected with the Ayahuasca plant medicine, nature and everything around me. Already in these first 4 ceremonies I’ve learned, understood and made peace with almost every bad experience that I’d had in my life so far.. The medicine is so generous and omniscient that she’ll always show you what you need. After only 1 week it felt like the shamans, the facilitators, the other group members and me had become one big family that support each others process and progress! I then went on to the Haven to deepen my process with the Ayahuasca medicine. Even after you think that you’ve dealt with what you came here for, there’s always something new to work on. This weekend was just as amazing and insightful . I especially enjoyed the ceremony . It was the perfect ending to my healing and learning process. I would recommend doing Ayahuasca with the Haven to everybody! Not only is the team of facilitators and shamans absolutely lovely, but the locations are perfect to really connect to yourself, nature and your healing process.


My experience at the Haven was eye-opening, life changing and amazing! I was in search of an ayahuasca retreat perfect for me and spent weeks searching. I found out about the Haven and I knew to follow my gut and am so glad I did. The Haven earns its high reputation for a reason. I have been back home now for 4 months and haven’t stopped thinking about it. At Haven you are safe and at home. Incredible ground staff and shamans, couldn’t ask for anything more.


The Haven is more than a place to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies. The shamans and staff there have created a spiritual experience, with other ceremonies, discussions, and activities in addition to drinking ayahuasca. The setting, icaros, other music played as the ayahuasca ceremonies were ending, and community created were fantastic; it was impressive how all of the activities flowed together. I was happily surprised by the amount of attention that each of us were given. My week at Haven was one of the best experiences ever.


Wow. I don’t know where to begin. It’s only been a little over a week since I left the haven. I’m still processing the whole experience and the medicine is still working on me, but I can say it’s been truly amazing. This place is magical and beautiful. I felt safe and at home right away. The facilitators and shamans make this place, all of them are unconditionally loving and they truly care for everyone on the retreat. This is the perfect place to experience Ayahuasca. Thank you everyone for everything <3


my experience was absolutely amazing! the team were great in every way. I felt very safe the entire time I was there. The food was very tasty and wonderful. The place is clean and very well maintained. My experience at the haven was more than I could ever expect. I see my life as pre Aya and post Aya. I am a changed man. Trust the process, go with love and do the work. It is worth every penny and more! Oh, get the Sapo experience, it is worth it.


It was so healing to be around others who were there to do the work we were doing together. The facilitators truly care for you and make you feel safe. It got intense, at times I wasn’t sure if I could see it to the end, but I did with the help of the Team & community. Trust the process, surrender, and it can change your life. I’m so grateful for my time with these amazing people, the facilitators, and all the beautiful people I bonded with during the healing process.


I recently spent a weekend at the Haven, and it was the most important weekend of my life. I won’t sugar coat it and tell you it was duckies and bunnies but the experience will make you grow in ways you can’t even fathom. The team of Shamans and facilitators are wonderful humans who’s generosity and care extend far beyond your visit. So much warmth and hospitality. I was not a believer at first but walked away knowing full well that I will be back to continue my process and could not dream of going anywhere else. The Shamans are masters and if you listen and trust the process, will help you understand what the plants are capable of showing you. Its not easy to pull the trigger on something like this but if you do I can guarantee that the this will be the best place for you. Don’t hesitate…..go for it. P.S. Get the Sapo.


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